www.otsannualmeeting.com was believed to have been the website of the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics society. OTS is a open Non profitforum to foster academia and industry-based research and development of oligonucleotide therapeutics. For the layman oligonucleotides are short strands of DNA and are commonly used in forensic work and genetic testing.

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With the weather being absolutely fantastic the last thing on most people minds is their central heating system, but being in the process of doing up an old house, the time for the central heating to go in had arrived. We had deliberated over the system and in the end went for a pellet boiler system. My wife loves column radiators so these were our radiators of choice. It was after the system had been fitted, connected to the radiators was when the moment of madness came! We had to turn on the central heating and run it on full heat to test to see if it all worked ok. It was already 30 degrees outside so the house was boiling. It was worth it though knowing we have a brand new central heating system with stylish radiators from www.apolloradiators.co.uk We will be toasty this winter, bring on the cold!

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I was recently at my local climbing wall where we often have pull up competitions to see who can do the most proper pull ups in a row. A proper pull up in our climbers world is fingers over the top of the bar facing away from the body (as if you were actually climbing) and then as you pull up your chin has to go above the bar and then back down to completely straight arms. This is the proper way and mixed in with repetitions of lifting the knees into the chest can help you become extremely strong. We often had these pull up competitions and I decided to try out a new technique which although rather strange had interesting results. The idea was that I would wear an eye mask whilst I was doing the pull ups so that I would not be distracted by the other competitors who would be simultaneously trying to do as many pull ups as they could. Apart from the mickey taking that I received,  which lets be honest seems perfectly justified, the idea was a great success. I came second and normally I am about sixth. The added concentration aided by not seeing anybody else proved a great success. I wonder if anyone will copy! I got my eye masks from www.eyemasks.org.uk

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